Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bear Stearns - 61% down ;)
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Goldman Sachs up 79% 0_O

As i was trying to explain to those bear representatives, some funds obviously were better at managing their exposure and hedging properly, as Lehman and Goldman Sachs also have exposure in mortgage markets, though not as much, yet still manage to surprise analyst estimates.

Though on a whole, i didn't expect that much of a significant rise out of Goldman Sachs, then again comparing market caps and diversification of Gold vs Bears it does make sense in hindsight. Considering the more volatile moves in bond markets I can see how Bears Sterns fixed income investments could have taken greater losses since fixed income securities make up a significant portion of Bear Stearns bottom line ( as i was informed by representative). Though as mentioned, Bear Sterns certainly believes they are not doing horrible as shown in the move for significant buyback. Whether to inflate the P/E ratio, or whether they truly believe in future gains, time will show us the true face of Bear Stearns. I am sure a fund with their reputation will avoid the same mistakes of the past.

As these results come in, it still shows turmoil in the mortgage and credit markets despite the Fed's willingness to step in to " save the day. " .....

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