Sunday, September 16, 2007

Entry for July 26, 2007

WOW, talk about a selling frenzy... Well it appears everyone is in panick mode and those nifty computer programs are probably going berserk. I guess bearish would have been the right call last time i checked. Though people are already looking for signs of strength, which now would be a good time. An economic calender would be essential around now. Hopefully a few good economic reports and we will be back on our way up. Amazing how the bonds are where they started a while ago during the school year and previous summer etc...

Interestingly the dollar weakend against the yen, which makes sense considering this situation of the markets. The euro weakend against the dollar though. Fundamentally i can not see why though it is quite possible the euro has lost momentum.

when i get home from school i will look into this more.

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