Thursday, March 5, 2009

12 Year Lows on the Dow

Just following up on my previous post.

This is an interesting chart by JP morgan I found on ritholtz's blog. I am still a bear for 2009, however, this provides some possible compelling evidence for 2010. Although, considering the past two times you had 12 year lows on the Dow, conditions were much more fundamentally different in terms of systemic structures, economic strongers, financial structures etc ... as a fundamentalist would point out. For you big fundamentalist this chart may mean nothing after all. Though it might be worth considering since I know a few long term investors who actually believe stabilization will come in at the end 2009.

Over the next few years it would nice to revisit this chart to see how sound DOW Theory is or possible evolutions of it, or to see if this chart will be supporting evidence for it.

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