Sunday, June 28, 2009

S&P500 Weekly Market Commentary, June 28, 2009

As you can all see my blog turned into a trader groups blog that is being currently formed. All the content is the same however we will start publishing group blogs on OIL, Currencies, and sometimes Gold. Also we will report on equities related to such markets.

In the mean time I still remain short term bull on the S&P500. No analysis this week; this weekend was to crazy with meetings and organization of the group. Within two weeks time we should all be trading together as a group and having analysis reports from then on. I will continue with my personal post on the Group Blog as well. Just check who authored each entry.

Getting back to the S&P500 as long as the 877 is being fought around and held I remain short term bull. Unfortunately Im making this call blind and not looking at charts. Hopefully I will have more time this week, although its looking real busy.


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