Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thoughts on Goog and Market movements today - email discussion 9.22.09

Alexander Lê
to Clark, Pat, Kell

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Markets opening higher, C up and SGP down. Looks like C is hedging my sgp position decently haha. Looks like it will be an interesting day? Btw did we get a price target on google. This blog here saying 479 resistance; do we concur?


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Patrick Ambrus
Alex, I don't see google stopping anytime soon. It still has room on the upsi...

11:25 AM (3 hours ago)
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Patrick Ambrus
to me, Clark

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I don't see google stopping anytime soon. It still has room on the upside. I'd set a price traget of something like $512.00-515. The Fundamentals are very solid. I mean it is trading at 34x forward earnings but that is on par with aapl. Also it is still a growth stock as the company continues to expand its businesses and determine how to make money on the internet. Also, EPS are projected at $21/share for the current year. Analysts predict the stock will grow about another 8.5% this year as industry earnings decline and an estimate of another 15% growth next year. So I would be a buyer even at these levels. Now what we need is an etf where i can play google easier. Markets are interesting today. Early open upside then sell-off, and now maybe a mid day rally if we can sustain volume and momentum. Positive news from Global Markets though.

One Love,


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Alexander Lê
to Patrick

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Im looking at a chart on spx; my man you might be right on calling a pullback at 1070 + . Downside looks favorable from a technical standpoint. Though given that a bullish trend is indeed in place i only see a pull back to 1030.

Though my thesis on the dollar has not yet unfolded which may coincide with a greater drop in equities if we do see dollar strength.

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