Friday, October 30, 2009

Technical Equity Updates - 10.30.09


Has gone further sound and hit true support. Maybe bouncing off 2nd deviation BB support. Downtrend will be confirmed if resistance holds between 4.50 and 5.00.

Failure to utilize pattern analysis has really burned me bad on C. I should have noticed two clear even star bearish patterns before each upper 2nd deviation BB pierce.

Though, overall though 3rd quarter fundamentals will prove to shine better in 4th quarter. C will be a better hold on the longer term out. My Entry was just extremely poor based of poor short term trading technical.

This pull back seems a bit unconvincing due to the lack of volume confirmation. Significant resistance we be rested at 5. For the risk adverse, recover your losses around at resistance levels. (limit orders?)

Luckily, overall my capital loss is limited due to its small size.


SGP and C are both acting according to 2nd deviation BB piercing rules. Prices bouncing off 28 support will confirm a bull trend. Though the size of the pull back is still unsettling nether the less. Short term tells me wait for a pullback to the upside.


Weekly charts are telling me to wait for prices to bounce to the upside and take my money and run. The weekly pictures are becoming quite ugly. This is confirmed via SPX correlation. Im getting a bit uneasy in the markets right now. Time to reasses the situation.

**On the side now possible upside confirmation is possible as the dollar is set to start weakening again in the short term.

Ill be playing the correlations short term.


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