Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SPX Lazy Update: 11.10.09

By now you are probably calling me a LAZY arse. Well truth be told there isn't anything I haven't said before for the SPX on this blog or "TLOT (The Lord of Trading)"<-- Click here

The point is I am going to reblog you to Trader Mike's SPX summary which has said everything I already have been saying or have said.

Trade "Mike's SPX Recap" <-- click here

I will re-mention that a bull picture is still in tact and thus risky to be shorting at resistance. Though weak volume on today's move definitely tells me that resistance is going to be pretty strong (unless we get some fundamental trumpers!)

** Side Note **

Also notice how my typical system points to room to 1100 while mikes system is already calling for strong resistance. I typically use MACD in conjunction with RSI while Mike is using the standard Stochastic indicator. Though, Im not saying one is better than the other, but just for you to be aware of the minor differences that can produce different results


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