Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anaylze Capital November Trading Game Results

As you can see most of our traders were smart and held on to cash positions (throughout the whole period....) and managed to get a return from interest.

On the other hand, it is funny how the active traders all had positions in financials. The smart one was the Dark_Trader who was short throughout the whole period on financials. This initially hurt him in the beginning but paid off in the end due to his good discipline (as financials eventually tanked at the end of the month).

I however did the exact opposite, I had a strong start by longing financial and did not follow up on tight risk management when i couldn't monitor markets and got killed.

For a three week time frame I did terribly. Then again equity trading was never my strong point.

Good news is that there is a December through February ANALYZE CAPITAL LLC equity trading game! (This time around ill stick to the currency related equities!)

The game is up and currently running, if you wish to join the trading shoot me an email and ill send you an invite. The winner of this game will get a modest cash prize.

All the participants and everyone from AC gives a warm congratulations to the Dark_Trader's success.


Alexander Lê
Analyze Capital LLC
Managing Partner


  1. Thanks for the congrats Alex...I am real excited to see how we do over a 3 month time frame. You need to diversify your bonds this time!

  2. Well done Pat!
    Although this illustrates that it is not bad to hold back and being inactive sometime, since it's not for real, I feel regretable to miss the chance for gaining more experience.
    I hope everyone (including myself) can be more active in the December one.

  3. Clark Im glad to see you visit the blog; how about getting a few post up here a week and doing some work on the

  4. Clark sorry we missed you on Wednesday man. How goes it? I miss your insights.

  5. Don't worry about the meeting. I just joined the DEC trading game, but haven't decide what to buy yet. Recently on technology side, electronic book reader is one of the most popular areas. There's an interesting competition between Amazon and Barnes & Novel now.


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