Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Contest Update for 12.22.09


This is for the 22nd where yesterday major pairs were down against the dollar. Today it is the opposite with Dollar down (equities up) with a positive net change.

It is starting to show that I am slowly recovering losses. It is most likely that this trade will result in a small lost.

(Entry FXE: 146 to lows of 142 and now back around 143).


Dark_Trader is still struggling with his C position where he bought in at 3.46 and prices are now at 3.27. I had much trouble with C over a long term last trading game, so I opted not to trade this since this game's time frame is much longer and I am on partial vacation. Trading C requires much more needed vigilance from my experience.

In terms of his UNG trade it is also going against him currently (short entry at 10.08 and current at 10.68). It seems prices are being supported by short term 50 SMA interaction. Overall, there is a high probability that prices will fail and break below the 50 SMA if Nat Gas is still in a down trend. The issues is I see the prices being supported for at least another 1 to 2 weeks.

Dextor and ClarkChu

Both are leading with strong cash positions. But this won't be enough to get ahead of others for this contest in the given time frame like last game.

If you wish to join the game shoot me an email. Cash prize will be awarded.


Alexander LĂȘ
Analyze Capital LLC
Managing Partner

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