Friday, December 18, 2009

Gold Women Sheep: Hedge your Bets Kids - 12.18.09

Gold, Women and Sheep... You pick I'll leave my judgment out of this one for professional's sake.

** On a side note:

I maybe "diversifying" into one of the latter after taking a HUGE hit on the EUR. At this point I must admit complete utter defeat on this trade. Its times like these that makes a trader's job hard as to wait for a pull back and take a slight lost which entails risking further lost OR Cutting losses now.

Common Mistakes of young traders:

  • cutting profits too early and holding on to loosing trades for too long.

    Even with this in mind Im seeing a test at 1.42 which should hopefully hold, where I can catch a slight whipsaw minimizing lost. I do have a tight stop below support levels.


    Alexander LĂȘ
    Analyze Capital LLC
    Managing Partner
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