Monday, December 14, 2009

The "New" Normal- 12/14/09

"Greed is Good."


I'm not sure how I feel about BAC, C, and WFC all paying back the U.S. Treasury within a week's time frame. Does anyone remember how much trouble the US Gov gave GS, JPM, and MS about repaying Tarp? Stress Tests anyone?

Either the U.S. gov needs the liquidity or the media doesn't care about "Taxpayer money" anymore. Though, one cannot make the argument that BAC, WFC, and C are "healthy" institutions. "Healthy" banks don't egregiously need to dilute their shareholders. Milton Friedman anyone? Sheila Bair and Meredith Whitney would agree.

Patrick M. Ambrus

Analyze Capital LLC

Managing Partner

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  1. The government is factoring W recession and is trying to make a quick penny. I mean just look at the public balance sheet... just terrible. I'm surprised American can still repay its debt, and is avoid a dubai-like fiasco.

    Actually I haven't really looked at the data so don't quote me on this lol


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