Thursday, December 10, 2009

Note to self on consumption: 12.10.09

I would like to see the trade data break down. Particularly I am interested in the % of retail that is high end. I would like to match that data to the amount of money spent by foreigners and its relation to some security like high end ETFs. In line I would like to see the same thing for % of certain income level families and there consumption patterns and relating in some way to again a high end ETF of some sorts...

Perhaps there is value to be found in predicting what type of consumption is leading in this environment and if that is enough to lift retail/consumption spending for this holiday season.

Though, there is a wealth of variants of information on this, I haven't had the time to dig through, research and/or analyze the data...


On a side note, I know I have had a prolonged leave of absences due to admin and school work, but I am working on my next technical spx review which should be up by the end of today.

Alexander Lê
Managing Partner
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  1. I'm interested to see how the Obama administration handles the pressure of creating new jobs and spurring economic growth. People are very unhappy about 30,000 more troops to Iraq but what would happen if they all came back? You would have 15-20% unemployment especially in males 22-30. Rock and a hard place for sure Snapman.

  2. Interesting comment, Im sure the gov't would absorb most of the vets coming back into army jobs around the states or re-deploy them to other bases around the world. Though, a good portion of them Im sure would also be attending school. Then again I have no stats on the army so I can't say for sure. But I'm sure due to some factors above any effects on unemployement should be mitigated. Though if I am wrong, things could get real messy as you point out.

    The fed is going to be key in turning the economy. If congress keeps trying to mess with them and not let them do a good job, poor econ health could certainly be prolonged 2-3 quarters in.

    All in all still need to crunch more data...

  3. Over the break we should see if we can break down some of this econ data. I haven't checked out the research crypt lately so I need to hit it up.


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