Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UNG - Nat Gas - Technical Notes - 12.16.09

Red Box = Bearish note
Blue Box = Bullish note

(mind the time frames are different on each box: email me for clarification, don't have time to explain each point at the moment)

I put my technical notes above on natural gas. You tally the points up and you make your thesis.

Ill say this though. Short to mid term it will be hard to justify a long (perhaps look to fundamental reasons seasonality, supply/demand factors...for justification).On a technical basis the evidence isn't there for a long in those time frames.

Short term (of a few weeks) says prices down. Though looking at shorter and longer frames shows evidence of a trend change.

The other day XOM bought out XTO. Now that is very hard to ignore fundamentally. Overall, natural gas has monster bullish potential monthly-quarterly basis into 2010.

But anyway here's my tally:

AC and The Lord of trading traders will be having a Natural Gas discussion soon here --> Natural Gas Discussion (click here)

and now back to studies for finals!


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