Friday, December 18, 2009

Where is Miss Cleo?- 12.18.2009

The Dark_Trader Took a bit of a hit yesterday. Currently, I am short Nat Gas and long Citi. I am encouraged by today's action, and the charts confirm my positions. It now becomes a waiting game. Though, my sentiment has yet to change. I am currently examining the fundamentals of S&D on the Nat Gas trade to see if I can find any underlying indicators.

C is undervalued at these levels. Regardless if the financial system tanks C will be bailed out. Also, the street sold off the stock after an under-priced equity offering. Hence, it may take more time to exit the Troubled Asset Relief Program. I will continue to exam Citi's financial statements as well as weekly charts with my colleague Alex. This is what he had to say on October 30th when evaluating his position:

"Overall 3rd quarter fundamentals will prove to shine better in 4th quarter. C will be a better hold on the longer term out."

My sentiments to a T.

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