Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brief FX technical notes: April 21, 2010

Still plenty of technical indication that dollar is still in an uptrend across most major pairs. The short term is however rampant with economic differences that are driving the volatile prices swings we have been seeing (e.g. Hung parliament/volcano for GBP, Greek situation/Volcano for EUR, Speculative behavior and return to risk aversion to US markets, to Chinese speculation of yuan flotation for Asia Pacific affecting AUD).

Will take a closer look after finals...


Alexander Lê
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC


  1. Yes I am, quite a bit so, Its going to be stuck in a range till next resistance levels, but overall I'm bullish to much higher 95 over next few months and even up to a 100 further out say end 2010 into 2011. But don't quote me I haven't done much extensive analysis that far out yet...

    Despite its seemingly inverse corr in the past few months (short run). Overall it still is inline with the other major pairs


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