Monday, April 19, 2010

New York City Housing - April 19, 2010

CLICK HERE <----60 million dollar apartment

Anyone else think this apartment is a wee bit overpriced? I think back in late 05 infamous hedge fund manager DANIEL S.LOEB <--- paid 45 million dollars for his pent house at 15 central park west. (funny I often walk past there in between classes). This was supposedly the highest paid apartment in New York to date...(not sure about that anymore?)

Either way it still is a renters market, in NYC, from my understanding. Though if indeed the economy is in recovery, perhaps this will change. Though with Job's numbers barely improving and housing still at its lows, I don't expect any big changes within the next few quarters.

**This is important since it is time to hunt for apartments!!**

Alexander Lê
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC

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