Thursday, May 13, 2010

Battles among Internet Browsers

Internet Explorer by Microsoft, Safari by Apple, Chrome by Google, Firefox by Mozilla, and Opera. These five Internet Browsers are actively making changes to either increase their market shares or solely try to keep their current positions in the market. With threat from Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer kept losing it's market share, and reached 59.95% in April 2010, which is what IE4 had eleven years ago.From January 2009, Chrome has kept a double-digit growth rate, and finally beat Safari by the end of last year. Currently, the estimations of each web browsers' market shares are: IE - 51.42%, Firefox - 32.62%, Chrome - 8.82%, Safari - 4.27%, and Opera - 1.99%.

From the beginning of last till now, IE is continuously suffering from market lose, whereas Chrome generally position in a gaining trend. The reason behind this might be pretty obvious. Firstly, plenty of European countries announced policies for Windows that Microsoft cannot make IE as the built-in web browser in system; and instead, during the installation of Windows, users should be allowed to pick their own browser. Another reason could possibly be the boom of netbook market; a lot of manufacturer picked Chrome for their product.

Talking about Opera and Safari, there was a interesting fight on iPhone between the two. It took quite a long time to get Opera approved for iTunes store; and Apple suggests no one who like to install this second browser. However, Opera became the top 1 on iTunes downloading list right after it was on.

Lastly, Firefox. There is data proves that Mozilla owns a group of loyal users who will download every update of Firefox. It is not hard to imagine that people who are use to Firefox would not like to switch to another one, since no other web browsers can have as many addons and functions as Firefox. Moreover, Firefox update much more frequently then others. Although the newest version is 3.6, Firefox 4 Beta is out for download now.

*graphs via ConceivablyTech


Clark Chu
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC


  1. go any ideas to incorporate this into a trading strategy?

  2. Well, for Microsoft or Apple, market shares of their Internet Browser will not make a great effect, since they are only a bounded application to the operation system that they sell. On the other hand, the upcoming of Chrome does help Google in stock growth somehow.


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