Friday, June 11, 2010

Market Recap- 06.11.2010

Equity Indexes
INDU- 10,211.07 38.54 (+0.38%)
NASDAQ- 2,243.60 24.89 (+1.12%)
SPX- 1,091.60 4.76 (+0.44%)

WTI Crude Oil- $73.780 -1.700 (-2.25%)
Brent Crude Oil- $74.350 -0.940 (-1.25%)
Natural Gas- $4.781 0.134 (+2.88%)
Gold Spot- $1230.200 8.000 (+0.65%)
Silver Spot- $18.231 -0.120 (-0.65%)

2 Year UST- Price:100.05 (+0.11) Yield: 0.73% (-0.06)
10 Year UST- Price:102.23 (+0.72) Yield: 3.23% (-0.08)
10 Year Gilt- Price:110.55 (+0.84) Yield: 3.46% (-0.10)
2 Year Schatz- Price:100.07 (+0.096) Yield:0.25% (-0.048)
10 Year Bund- Price:103.79 (+0.39) Yield: 2.56% (-0.04)
10 Year Oats- Price:103.99 (+0.39) Yield: 3.02% (-0.04)
10 Year JGB- Price:100.65 (-0.23) Yield: 1.24% (+0.03)

Foreign Exchange
EUR/USD = 1.2113
GBP/USD = 1.4549
USD/JPY = 91.6550
USD/CAD= 1.0360
EUR/JPY = 110.6800

Today I exited my SPX position before the close of trading. Locked in my Profits. My Short USO position recovered today and I will maintain my stance until I see evidence contrary to my view. In addition, I cashed out my short Nat Gas position for some small profits. I also went short the CAD and long USD around 16:00.

The Lake Show lost last night and foiled my "LA in 5" prediction. However, in order to win the Championship they need to win game 5 to preserve home court. Bynum was missed last night. Tomorrow I'll be watching some Futbol.

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