Friday, July 16, 2010

Equity Update: July 16, 2010

Motorola Is Willing To Break the Phone They Just Sold You

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Look at todays price action on MOT. Coincidence or are markets relatively efficient? Or is this just complete nonsense? You tell me…


6 month aapl daily

Short aapl to 225 range. That is given….

However the real test can be seen on the weekly chart. 225 coincides with RSI 50 weekly support along with 50 SMA weekly support. Will all this negative sentiment and iphone4 press conference contribute to apples fall …. to say 150?

For now I'd continue to short to 225 and assess the damage to come at those levels.

**note** I'll be watching the volume carefully


Alexander Lê
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC

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