Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Joke of the Day: July 13, 2010

Italy found a good way for a country to solve some of their fiscal problems!

Italy nabs 300 mobsters, reveals new mob structure

And I quote: "the seizure of more than euro60 million ($76 million) in cash and property."

I'm sure they can get more when the liquidate everything and if they can squeeze more mobsters for $$.

Well lets see the Piigs:

Spain and Portugal - ETA
Ireland - Irish Mob
Greece - Greek Mob

Yep, lots of money to be "made," my old professors loved harpin on the "billions" of dollars of black market economy contributing to world GDP.


Alexander Lê
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC

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  1. Lol. There are many more assets that can be seized from La Cosa Nostra and the like. The problem is, Italy's biggest Mobster is drum roll please.....Silvio Berlusconi! I'm just mad he still owns AC Milan and refuses to sell the team or spend a dime on talent. SMH.


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