Monday, July 12, 2010

Nat Gas Update

Unfortunately, my position was stuck in the mud all day. NG contracts for August delivery reached a high, mid-morning EST, of close to $4.445/mmBtus. I entered at $4.45. Tonight I will watch GLOBEX trading and re-evaluate my position before NYMEX trading opens tomorrow morning. Currently prices are hovering around $4.388.

To hold it upright and fill it, is not so good as stopping in time. When you pound it out and give it a point, It won't be preserved very long. When gold and jade fill your rooms, you'll never be able to protect them. Arrogance and pride with their wealth and rank, on their way bring disaster. When the deed is accomplished you retire; Such is Heaven's way.

--Lao-Tzu, Chapter 91

Patrick M. Ambrus
Analyze Capital LLC

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