Tuesday, August 24, 2010

勝利 x 2

'I'm on a losing strike, I mean winning streak'

-Wasalu Muhammad Jaco

Today I made one of my best trades of this scorching summer. After a glut of discussion on M & A activity, economic data, trade flows, credit flows, and Technical analysis, the lords of trading spoke to me. I was fortunate in my timing because many times a bad entry point can ruin your trade.


The bond markets continue to rally as yields on 10 year government notes tighten to levels reminiscent of the Credit Crisis. Similarly, the USD has not been kind to commodities or U.S. equity markets. Lastly, poor expectations for Existing home sales data and GDP revision data sealed bearish sentiment.

Please view Alex's SPX update below for more in-depth technical analysis.

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Literature: Friedrish Engels, The Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State

Sports: The New York Jets and All-Pro center Nick Mangold have agreed on a new seven-year deal worth a maximum of $55 million.

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