Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Market Recap Sept 22nd 2010


Dollar strength early in US trading hours since then the strength is now fading. The question is will the dollar strength correction continue or has this been a slight whipsaw in the dollar weakness trend. We are betting on more sustained dollar strength correction which will lead to a continuation of dollar weakness. We are aiming for the dollar to get some strength over the next few days before re-examining entries for shorting the dollar on major pairs. It would seem the GBP is favorable as it has slightly lagged the EUR in % performance gains though moves remain correlated. I am still looking for entries on shorting the JPY. Fibs are saying the 61.8% retracement in the 84 range though an early entry around 84.5 may not be a bad idea, all in all the major pairs are moving in sync so I am gonna hold off on the JPY trade.


Its a dollar dollar game, early strength led to a selling of in the december contracts I'm following, and just when the strength started to fade oil started is late day rally though still far from early morning highs. Since we are betting on continued dollar strength the next few days we feel oil is gonna fall to resistance levels. On December mini's thats about to the $75 level.

Nat Gas:

Nat gas has been jumping around all day the spread between the bid ask has been volatile, though on the awhole quite a flat range. The Dec 2010 mini's have been trade in the low 4.30's after gapping down from its 4.365 highs. Technicals are telling us prices are coming to a squeeze, and we are betting to the upside.


Alexander Lê
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC

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