Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WTI Update: March 16, 2010

Month hourly

Getting better clarity on WTI:

  • Calling support at 97.00
  • Stops at 96.00
Strong breaks below 97.00 warrant out right shorting. Short on LOWER HIGH (a.k.a < 99.00). Must be a clean break and close below 97.00 and seen on the Daily. If 97 holds for another week maintain longs.

Todays EIA status - Less production with solid demand floated Crude before the EU energy spokesman spooked the markets and the FED canceled POMO. This completely put the breaks on risk off and continued this weeks theme of risk on. A bad week to be long crude short dollar.

**side note** this has been a wild month of volatility kudos for those staying alive. Note to self K.I.S.S. less verbosity and more simple analysis, this should make everyone happy.

Alexander LĂȘ
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC

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