Monday, April 18, 2011

The Economist - "Go East Young Moneyman"

Go East Young Moneyman

The Economist writes about the current trend of west to east flows in terms of the mobile labor market.

However, since the start 2011 there has been overheating in Asia Pacific markets with unruly inflation and natural disasters and slowed growth prospects. Many investors are pricing in a bubble with strong asset flows out of Asian emerging markets in Q1 2011.

So despite these worrying developments, the trend is still strong with young people heading to Asian markets to start their career. If and when a bubble burst in Asia I am sure we will see a strong reversal in this trend. When a mass exodus of young talent in the region occurs, is when I will  fly in to pick up the pieces.

If one can tackle great uncertainty successfully, great rewards are sure to follow...

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