Thursday, April 14, 2011

Markets Update April 14, 2011

Recently I've been playing around with desktop recordings as a way to disseminate information through this blog. After a few practice runs I realized that speaking what I typically would want to write about on the blog is extremely different. For those who are gifted in communications naturally should find it easy however, I believe it will take practice and time to effectively make these videos, as it has taken me years to develop my blogging skills (which still need lots of development).

Hopefully in the near future I will be posting brief videos on market updates in the mean time I will stick to good ole writing.


Brent May 11 6 month daily

WTI May 11 6 month daily

  • Second week of April seeing huge volatility in WTI and Brent
  • Daily moves on the 8th, 9th, and 10th were well over 2 week ATR ranges 
  • Prices currently above new support levels 
  • Brent WTI spreads around historical highs
I expect prices to stay above new support levels formed. Currently Neutral 


Weekly USD Index Rolling

  • GBP/USD - UK inflation report caused a sell off from 1.63 range to 1.625. However markets quickly shrugged off the news and the GBP/USD is back in the 1.63 range. Needs to take out 1.645 for bullish trend to continue
  • Start of the second week of April prices moved up fast and stront to 1.452 and since then has peeked off. Traders shrugged off the ZEW report initially and followed ECB comments on bullish growth. Prices are currently consolidating.
  • USD/CAD - BOC rate decision caused a big jump in the pair. Prices continue to consolidate above 0.96 a possible trend reversal. 
The dollar index is in for a bigger correction, the big question of course is when. Naturally, in this environment you want to trade with the flow. De-leverage if uncertain and scale in slowly and keep stops tight. Markets still want to push Majors/USD higher, and sentiment can rightfully carry markets much higher in that direction. There is a good chance on the Daily USD index with the gaps down will lead to prices in the lower  74 range before real support is hit. Of course when markets correct don't hesitate to short as the move will be big and fast. 


SPX June 11 - 1 month hourly 

SPX June contract
  • Still in strong down trend. 
Thinking down trend is over soon. Longer term bullish, short term neutral

Gold April 11 - 1 year daily
  • Gold April should be rolled over to May now nice tight spread
  • Prices consolidating above support
Long term bullish


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