Friday, April 1, 2011

NFP April 1st 2011

It would be funny if today's BLS played an April fools joke on the NFP release. Too bad that won't happen.

The initial reaction has been dollar strength coming off the hour of the release. Whether or not this is sustainable is still questionable.

NFP numbers coming in at

  • 216,000+
  • and UE at 8.8%

Not gonna bother to break down the rest of the numbers (you can do that HERE).  Initial equity reaction via futures seems positive. I'm looking for continued dollar strength, S&P500 to stay below 1333 by close and oil to give back gains. 

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  1. Looks like time frame expectation was way off for the USD. I expected dollar strength to carry through then reverse back to dollar weakness like I said in the London Hour Update. It looks like markets shrugged the NFP news off. Looks like I was wrong to expect the SPX to continue its sell off. It seems that trend extensions on light volume are quite the norm these days...


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