Sunday, November 8, 2009

Econ Update: Current Situation - 11.08.09

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Here is an excellent Reblog on the Health of the Economy.

Any data from the auto industry as we all know is just skewed from cash for clunkers.

That Jobs chart is super interesting. The whole demand side of the economy seems to be missing. The best part is that PPI and CPI numbers the past few months/quarters have been relatively tame. This definitely gives Fed policy leeway for any non-traditional programs needed to keep liquidity in the systems in order to maintain the financial sector on a semi life support (ie mainly quantitative easing), and in order to fix this job's mess.

In addition, looking at the increased bankruptcy in non-US business shows an interesting picture of the weaker end consumers.

The upcoming holiday seasons will for surely be telltale of consumer behavior trends (whether they have changed or not, or if they are on a rebound).

Based off this data, one can make their respective plays for the dollar/equity/commodity markets... but more on that later.

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