Sunday, November 8, 2009

Equity Update: 11.08.09

The SGP/MRK conversion went through, I am know an owner of MRK. I'll get some analysis up as soon as I get some down time.

** on a side note there is a high possibility that SPX 1100 will be retested. Which would mean my previous call on SPX topping out before 1100 might not be true.

** Upcoming reports:

  • Atlanta, San Fran, and Chicago Fed Presidents will be speaking.

  • Red Book - consumer confirmation??

  • The gap day from labor day will be interesting to see how this pause will affect markets as the jobless claims come out.

  • fed balance sheet

  • US trade Gap

  • consumer sentiment

It can be a bouncy week sentiment wise. Check your sentiment indicators, good luck to all you risk loving people playing the markets right now.


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