Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finals Week Approaching: Thoughts - April 10, 2010

Finals week is approaching for the Partners. We all will be intermittently updating on markets, though mainly Pat and my own focus is on graduating. Once graduated business is expected increase exponentially. It has been a long journey, and just as one ends a new one begins.

Taxes for 2009 have just been filed and things are looking good. 2010 should be an even better year.

brief market thoughts:


I've been completely wrong in the short term (for all of march) even though my price target of 1200+ has been right. It seems markets want to see beyond the 1200+ level without a retracement before touching resistance levels. It seems my convictions on the SPX were more bullish than market participants, as in a pull back would have been healthier for the overall uptrend. It seems if resistance does indeed hold at the 1200 levels the pullback will be greater than 5% imho.


Dollar is still in a downward whipsaw short term trend if one is still bullish on the dollar for the second quarter. How much lower can it go? With barely budging economic fundamentals around the world, this temporary dollar weakness may last well into the second quarter. I haven't been monitoring the situation too closely since my laptop's motherboard has melted recently. Ill be waiting to return to markets once I purchase my new computer.


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