Saturday, April 3, 2010

Android is gradually taking over the smartphone (OS) market?

At&t companied with iPhone has been dominated the smartphone market in the United States since June 29th, 2007 for more than two years, until the new star, Android, which brought up by Google joined the battle. The competition between iPhone and Android is not simply among smartphone, but rather than a match of mobile operating system (OS). Smartphone is known for the convenient internet access ability. Therefore, when we talk about smartphone (OS) market-share, one of the most important number is the web traffic share.

The graph* above is the interent traffic share of mobile OS, including Apple’s iPhone OS, Google’s Android, Blackberry’s RIM. Palm’s webOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. June 2009, which was right about 2 years from the first iPhone released, iPhone had a nearly 70% of mobile OS traffic share, whereas Android entered the market not long ago and was at the same level as other mobile operation systems. That is the time when Google partnered more cell phone companies and started to release a decent amount of Android Phones. Majority always has a greater power over a single one, soon iPhone’s market share was declining due to the increasing of Android Phone models. By the beginning of February this year, Android and iPhone OS have nearly the same interent traffic share, which is about 45% each. Another thing that the graph illustrated, is how innovation in smartphone operating system affect the traffic share. Palm had a small improvement due to the new webOS, whereas Blackberry and Microsoft were dropping dramatically. Nevertheless, according to recent news and technology conferences, Blackberry will update the systems soon, as well as Microsoft will have some Windows Phone 7 released this year Thanksgiving or Christmas. No doubt that the battle among smartphone (OS) will be more intense later this year.

This graph* above shows the same competition but world-widely. While Symbian that is supported by Nokia has losing the its market-share sharply, iPhone OS and Android are taking over the pie. Nonetheless, just as Microsoft and Blackberry, a new Symbian system has been announced not long ago, but will that make a comeback or just a dying struggle?
What is your thought on this? Which OS will you vote for?
  • iPhone OS - Apple
  • Android - Google x HTC/Samsung/LG/Motorola/Acer/Dell/Sony Ericsson, etc.
  • Symbian - Nokia/Sony Ericsson/Samsung, etc.
  • RIM - Blackberry
  • webOS - Palm
  • Windows Mobile - HTC/Samsung/LG/HP/ASUS, etc.

* graphs via ars technica
Clark Chu
Managing Partner
Analyze Capital LLC


  1. Fantastic post. I did not realize how dominant a player the Android OS was becoming. It makes a lot of sense considering they have diversified their clientele. How do you think the market share will be affected now that an iPhone is being developed for VZ?

  2. Considering how many models there are running Android, I don't think the Verizon one will make a big different in domestic market share. Google beats Apple with the wide range of consumer coverage. Even after iPhone 4G is released, I doubt there will be another day for iPhone to own half of the market.

  3. also it will be interesting to see what% of bottom line each of the OS or handset sales contribute to. Im quite interested on if any of these will affect the market share prices.

  4. The apple OS is really stale at the moment in imho, which is why its not surprising as to why android market shares has increased.

    the windows 7 platform seems interesting, i wonder how functional it will be with windows pc platforms and what cross functionality options their are.

    Theoretically id say the android market is better with open software but the average consumer won't take advantage of this which is where windows may have an advantage if androids don't keep up (if i windows gets default installation of the most popular smartphones).

    it will be interesting to see what new OS rimm will come out with as i see less and less blackberry users everyday.

    Either way im all for android or apple (lets hope apple upgrades soon though).


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