Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Market Update September 2011

It took almost 2 and half years before European Equities started to reflect some true fundamental value in share prices. The DAX has almost erased all of its gains from mid 2009. And almost 30% down from its yearly highs seen at the end of June 2011. Also, Italian equities are not too far behind German equities close to 30% down from the end of June. This is reflecting a collapse in confidence in the sustainability of the Eurozone (Spanish and French equities almost 23% - 24% down from July highs). This is compared to UK and and US equities which have dropped only about 11% to 12% of prices. 

The question for US and UK equities is if these indices will continue diverge and bottom or continue to drop in the face of continued  uncertainty. My thesis for the end of 2011 is way off at this point though my time frames may have been off. 

If the SPX can consolidate at 1150 its a possibility for a strong price recovery into 2012 to 1300. Its possible the equities will continue to rally up until the November elections. However, if prices fail at 1150 below 1000 is possible if no certainty is returned. It is more than likely though some pyseudo QE3 would come into play helping a rally thesis. 

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